Cheapest Domain Names - Comparing the Top 20 Domain Registrars to find the Cheapest Domain Names

Published: 08th January 2010
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Who offers the cheapest .com domain name today? With so many registrars to choose from, how do you know if you're really getting the cheapest domain names?

We did some comparison shopping with over 20 of the top domain registrars according to Wikipedia. (Wikipedia's list of top registrars is based on market share data collected from RegistrarStats - eNom's statistic site.)

So, here are five things to know about some of the deals out there.

1. The largest domain registrar in the world by market share right now is GoDaddy. They've registered over 33 million domain names. (The second place registrar is eNom which controls 9 million domains.)

2. GoDaddy also currently has the cheapest sale price for a .com domain name which is $1.99 for one domain name (for the first year only and with the purchase of another non-domain product.) After that, the .com domain reverts back to $10.69 (per domain name per year.)

3. The best regular price for a new .com domain name goes to Wild West Domains (which is the reseller brand for GoDaddy). Domains go for $7.29 per .com domain name per year, but this price is only available if you have a Pro Reseller plan which costs $199.99 per year. (Making money online through reselling domain names isn't for everybody.)

4. So, the best deal on a .com domain name for the average person (people who just want a website address for their site) is $7.99 per website address per year. This regular .com price is currently offered by Cheap-DomainNameRegistration (which is impressive because they're really just a Wild West Domain reseller. You'll see what we mean if you visit their site and then visit GoDaddy and WildWestDomains. Recognize the layout and branding? Their profit margin must be pretty slim on a .com domain.)

5. All of these registrars charge $8.99 per domain name per year if you want to protect your privacy when registering domain names. (Otherwise your personal information, address, phone number, email address is posted in the WHOIS database for spammers and other people to look up.)

(You might also be interested to know that the worst price for a .com domain name is a five-way tie between Network Solutions, eNom Central, PublicDomainRegistry (reseller), Register, and INWW (Melbourne IT) who all charge $35 per domain name per year. Although Yahoo isn't in the top 20 registrars, they're still charging the same regular price. To be fair, Network Solutions, Yahoo, and eNom all charge a few pennies less, but it still rounds up to $35 per domain name per year.)

There are, of course, a few really good deals that offer cheap domain names and free domain privacy, but they are far and few in between.

Lots of domain registrars compare their prices against one or two of the most expensive domain companies out there charging $35 for domain name.

We have a domain name comparison chart with prices from over 20 of the top selling registrars in a sortable table. If you're ready to find cheap domain names, we're here to help at

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